October 28th = Sexy

October 28th at The Florida Theater in Jacksonville will be lit up like mad when the premier of Gore-e-ography: The Making of Death Harmony premiers.  Killacozzy and Mad Cowford have come together in that "right now" sort of way to create a masterpiece that includes improv, film, filmmakers, ninjas, vampires, zombies, and choreography.  Killacozzy has a way with their movies and their fans.  They don't just sit around and peddle DVD's or hope someday someone who matters will find their movies and want to mass produce them or create national recognition for them.  No, they just do their thang.  And, they do it sexy!

Last year was the premier of Chiaroscuro, Baby.  This movie was also premiered at The Florida Theater.  This was not the typical new filmaker's attempt at getting people to see their movie.  This was red carpet madness.  Did I say red carpet?  Like in Hollywood?  Yes.  Yes, I did.  There were limos and fancy clothes.  There were blinding lights, cameras, and news channels.  It was the event of 2009. 

This year, Anthony Kilburn, the co-founder of KillaCozzy Productions, is doing it AGAIN!  Their most recent film is going to be decked out in high class style very similairly to Chiaroscuro, Baby.  There will be free drinks (alcoholic), free food, and free parking for ticket holders.  The red carpet will lead directly into the party of the century.  There will again be fancy clothes, and some people may even show up in costume (as a ninja, vampire, or zombie).  The press is gonna love it.  I'm gonna love it.  Nothing like this ever happened where I lived before and I never would have guessed Jacksonville would have such style when it comes to struggling actors, artists, filmmakers, etc.

The tickets are $35 and everyone should get one because this stuff doesn't happen anywhere else...other than the obvious...and how many of us would actually be able to go to one of Hollywood's famous dress-up nights?  Not many, is the answer. 

This is gonna be the sex!



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