Matt Shuman vs. Ben Affleck (The IMDB "LIKE" challenge)

Jacksonville's very own Matt Shuman has challenged the famous Ben Affleck to an "Out-'LIKE'" contest on IMDB.  This local actor/improver/baby-whisperer/bunny-enthusiast has decided to see just how many IMDB "LIKES" he could get on his page.  The idea to go up against Ben Affleck, actor-to-actor, was born.  Mr. Affleck started yesterday with 253 "LIKES" and Mr. Shuman with approximately 20 "LIKES".  Today Mr. Affleck sits at 255, and Mr. Shuman is over 100!  The goal, from my understanding is to top Affleck's "likes" by Friday (Sept. 10th) at 10:15 p.m.  Shuman will be performing at Northstar Substation with MadCowford Improv at 8 p.m. After the show, Shuman fans will celebrate his victory over the completely unaware Ben Affleck. 

This whole IMDB "LIKE" battle is full of fun and excitement.  Technology has proven to be a valuable tool to the success of unknown talents.  To see the amount of progress made in Shuman's behalf over a period of just hours, is incredible.  Jacksonville should be pumped up about the possibility of own of their own getting more IMDB attention than a famous movie star.  Jacksonville is here and bursting with tons of talented people! 

Special note to Ben Affleck from the blog author:  You rock!  <---Which is probably why you were chosen.  We thank you (though unaware) for your cooperation.

Matt Shuman's IMDB page:

MadCowford Improv:

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